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VEIL is a laser absorbent stealth paint which hampers a police speed laser gun's ability to obtain your vehicle's speed.

VEIL the laser absorbent stealth paint
VEIL the laser absorbent stealth paint
VEIL the laser absorbent stealth paint
Item# veilcoat

Product Description

Veil stealth coating is made to specifically defend against police laser guns, and makes a great radar detector companion. Laser guns work differently than police radar, and are much more difficult for radar detectors to detect. Even with the best radar detectors, you will typically have little if any time to slow down before the laser gun locks your speed. Too often, a "Laser" alert from your detector means you have already gotten a ticket.

That's where Veil comes in. Apply the Veil coating to your headlights, fog lights and license plate (the reflective areas that the laser gun targets), and the effective range of the laser gun will be reduced. This can give you a precious 5-10 seconds to reduce your speed, plenty of time to avoid a ticket!

It is very important to realize that a radar detector alone cannot be depended upon to effectively protect you against police laser. Adding a passive solution like Veil is a great, low cost way to buy yourself several precious seconds to slow down after receiving a laser alert. This can turn your radar detector into a weapon against police laser, instead of a ticket notifier.

Veil has also been shown to add value, even when the vehicle is already equipped with a laser jammer. Tests showed that, when combined with Veil, the blocking range of some jammers was increased.

Veil is a translucent liquid that is applied like a paint (brushes included). You can apply Veil yourself by following the included instructions. Enough Veil is included to cover (typically) 5-10 vehicles. If necessary, Veil can be removed by following instructions provided in the owners manual.

It does so by eliminating the components that contribute to your vehicle's overall visual signature by reducing NIR (near-infrared) laser light reflections

The product is designed to coat headlights, fog lights, running/parking lamps or reflective markers, and license plates. These treated areas will appear BLACK to the speed laser gun.

Even if you drive a light colored car, VEIL will decrease laser's effective range since it "subtracts", masks, or blacks out reflective areas of the car (its lights and plate) from light areas of the car (its painted surfaces.) This is especially true with vehicles that have large front headlight systems such as many Dodge, Toyota, Ford, and Honda vehicles.

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