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Radar Detectors from Rocky Mountain Radar
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So Let's see what the real experts are saying:

"This renders the radar unable to display a speed reading. The radar is effectively disabled. The unit then is a radar interferent." M.J.-Sr. Electronic Tech., Nebraska State Patrol.

"From the body of test data taken during the road tests of Feb. 8, 1994, it is clear that use of these passive scramblers does reduce the range at which police radar units can acquire and/or maintain lock (give consistent and accurate speed values of the vehicle) and that this scrambling effectiveness can be measured." R.R.D., PhD-University of Denver

At a distance, the scrambler will have an effect on radar verification of target speed, however, within 100 feet lock on was sucessful." State of Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

"Conclusions of laboratory tests is the scrambler will indeed defeat radar guns at long range, allowing speeding drivers with radar detectors time to slow down before their speed can be detected." J.S.H. - University of Northern Florida

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