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Simply the best value for laser blocking.

Laser Shield Anti-Police Laser License Plate Cover
Item# lasershield

Product Description

Laser Shield Anti-Police Laser License Plate Cover
How does a "laser gun" work? Laser guns work by emitting a laser beam which is bounced off a flat, reflective surface on your vehicle. Your license plate is the preferred area of the vehicle that a laser is pointed against by the operator. Conventional laser detectors are ineffective. Even if you do detect the beam, its too late. You're caught!

How does "THE SUPER PROTECTOR" work? This specially designed Anti-laser license plate lens works to absorb and diffuse the incoming laser beam. This significantly shortens the effective distance of the laser gun. Police are trained to aim the laser at the front license plate because they need a flat surface on the front of a vehicle. (See Illustration Left)

Anti-Laser License Plate Cover NOTE:

1. Does not obstruct view of license plate numbers. Legal to use in most areas!

2. Protect your privacy! Avoid a costly ticket!

3. Installs in minutes!

4. Ultra-thin! Fits all license plate frames!

5. All units are brand new from the factory

6. Sizes for all countries available! Get one now!

7. The special material will not yellow and is guaranteed shatterproof under normal operating conditions.

8. Price Match Guarantee!

9. We offer an In-Stock Guarantee

10. Buyer assumes all responsibility for using this cover in compliance with local motor vehicle codes in their area of vehicle use.

Prices reflect plates for U.S. and Canada. Custom International plates, please add $10.00. Call for details:


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